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What is Big Data & Hadoop?


Big data refer to the large & complex set of data that difficult to process use traditional process system. Stock exchange such that NYSE and BSE generate Terabyte of data every day. Social media site like Facebook generate data that are approximate 500 time big than stock exchange.

Hadoop is an open source projects by Apache used for storage & process of large volume of unstructured data in a distributed environments. Hadoop can be scale up to single server to thousand of server. Hadoop frameworks is using by large giant such Facebook,Amazon, New York Times, IBM,Google, Yahoo & the list is grow every day. Due to the large investment company making for Big Data the needs for Hadoop Developer and Data Scientist who can analyse the data increase.

Who Should Join Hadoop Training Chennai?

Big Data industries has gains significant growthing in recent year and recent survey have a estimated that Big Data market is more $60 billion industry. Gartner’s survey has confirm that 64% company have invest in Big Data in 2013 & the number keep increase every year. With the challenge in handle and arrive at meaningful insight from Big Data, opportunity are boundless for everyone who want to getting into Big data Hadoop ecosystems. Software Professional work in outdated technology, ETL Professional, Datawarehouse Professional,JAVA Professional, Testing Professional,Analytics Professional, Project Manager can undergo our Hadoop training in Chennai
and make career shifted. Our Big Data Hadoop Course in Chennai
will give hand-on experience to you to meeting the demand of company need.

Learning Objective:
Attendees to this seminar will learning:

  • What is Big Data
  • How Big Data create several new type of analytical workloading
  • Big Data technologies platform beyond the data warehousing
  • Big Data analytical technique & front-end tool
  • How to the analyze un-model, multi-structured data use Hadoop & MapReduce
  • How to integrate Big Data with traditional data warehouse and BI system
  • How to clear understanding business use case for different Big Data technology
  • How to set up and organizing Big Data project
  • How to make up use of Big Data to deliver business values

Right Time to Learn Hadoop:

Have you ever wondered what the technology behind Facebook auto-tag feature? How about surveillance camera that are able to generates impeccable image even the with low light? The answer is Hadoop and its ground breaking abilities to store, process and retrieve data.

Store data is one thing but process and query them is an entire different ball game. If the Big Data is a Rugby team, then Hadoop is the best quarterbacks you can finding!

All Hadoop data is store on top of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File Systems) which can house both the structured and unstructured data. Competitor of Hadoop (like as RDBMS & Excel) can be store structured data. This is a major factor why Hadoop is the big daddy that is give traditional data handle tool a run for the money. Hadoop does the process near the data while RDBMS need the data to be transfer over the networking via the I/O to the processing the same data.

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