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Top Six Hadoop Blogs Is A Great Way To Increase Your Hadoop Knowledge

People will talk more about Hadoop and they were like to have up to date gossips by reading the blogs of Hadoop. Some of the top favorite Hadoop blogs are given below:

  1. Matt Asay

Matt Asay is one of the blogger who writes the blog about hadoop with more fresh and fun format, since Hadoop is a very dry topic. The post of Matt Asay will be only in few steps and will be very fun to read and will seem to be illuminating. He had a great stuff, since he used to work for MongoDB and for mobile at Adobe.

  1. Curt Monash

The best personal database and blog for analytics is DBMS2, where Hadoop will be discussed. Curt Monash of Monash Research has maintained this. His commentaries of about the technology and the industry has been written with very sharp and short format. He had his customers from many companies of Big Data, where he has many sorts of information inside.

  1. Hortonworks

All the Hadoop users must have to read the blog of Hortonworks. The blog of Hortonworks contains much more guidelines. Thus he is not only having the Hadoop news and also releases as a great source.

  1. Cloudera

It is also containing an important blog on Hadoop. We can be able to find more updates on project, technical guides and technical posts, which enables the visitor to be on the Big Data’s cutting edge.

  1. MapR

MapR had lot of articles, plenty news and Tutorials as like others blog sites. As the big Hadoop distributors has been mentioned, we should check the blogs of MapR.

  1. InformationWeek

InformationWeek will be useful at the place of straightforward business approach on Big Data and Hadoop. The topics written about Hadoop is like the business intelligence and general news on Big Data.

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