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Top reason why choose Azure SQL Data Warehouse


Microsoft Ignite conference,demoed the first sneak peeks of Azure SQL Data Warehouse. As you builds more app in the cloud and with increase in cloud-born data, there is strong customer demands for a data warehousing solution in the cloud to managing large volume of structure data & to process this data with relational process for the fast analytic. Customer also wants to take advantages of the cost-efficiency, elasticity & hyper-scale of the cloud for large data warehouse. They need for data warehousing to work with their exist data tool, utilize their existing skill and integrating with their many source of data.

To help address this needs, last week at Building, we announce an enterprise-class elastic data warehousing in the cloud known as Azure SQL Data Warehouse. There is a number of distinctive feature like to highlight — include the ability to dynamic grow and shrink computing in second independent of the storage, enable you to paying only for query performances you needs. In addition customer can choosing to simple pause computing so you only incur compute cost when need. The Azure SQL Data warehousing concepts service give customer the ability to combines relational and non relational data host in data warehousing tools using Poly Base.

Azure SQL Data warehousing basics is the combination of enterprise-grade in SQL Server augment with the massive parallel process architectures of Analytic Platform System, which allow the SQL Data warehousing tools service to scale across very large data set. It integrate with exist Azure data tool include Power BI for the data visualizations, Azure Machine Learn for advanced analytic, Azure Data Factory for the data orchestrations and move as well Azure HDInsights, our data warehousing training in Chennai 100% Apache Hadoop services for big data process.

Storage option on Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform & infrastructures, created by Microsoft, for build, deploy and manage application and service through a global networks of Microsoft-manage and Microsoft partner-host data center. Include in this platforms are multiple way of store data.

  • Local Storage: Provide temporary storage for a run app instance. Local storage represent a directory on physical file systems of the underlay hardware that an applications instance is run on, and can using to store any information that is specify to the local run application instances. You can be created a number of local store for the each instances
  • Windows Azure Storage:
  • Blob: A reliable, cost-effectively cloud storage for large amount of unstructured data, such as document and media file. It is a high scalable, REST-base cloud object storing. The storage service offered three type of blob: block blob, page blob, & append blob. Block blob are best for the sequential files I/O, page blob are best for the random-write pattern data, and append blob are optimize for the append operation

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