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Types of Transformations in Informatica

Types of Transformations in Informatica

Our Informatica Training in Chennai is offering various facilities to get knowledge about the concepts of Informatica. We are also offering great works with experienced faculties. Informatica training is now explaining about some of the important different types of transformations in Informatica.

  • Expression transformation

It is used to calculate values in a single row before we writing the target. You can also use this transformation to perform any non-aggregate calculations as well as to test conditional statements.There are 3 types of ports in this transformation they are Input,output and variable.


  • Filter transformation


                  You can filter rows in a mapping through filter transformation. You can pass all the rows from the source transformation to filter transformation through filter condition. If the condition meets only it will passes through the filter transformation.


  • Router transformation


                 It is similar to filter transformation because it also allows user to test condition of data. This router transformation is used to test condition more than once and it also checks rows of data even it is not satisfying the condition.


  • Sorter transformation


                  It allow us to sort data, you can sort the data either in a ascending order or descending order in a specified sort key. It also checks case sensitive sorting as well as specify whether output rows are distinct. This sorter transformation contains only input and output keys. All information are sorted according to the sorting key.


  • Rank transformation


                It allows us to select a group of value either top values or bottom values, it is not just one value. During this interval power center server caches input data until it performs rank calculations.

  • SQL transformation

              You will be allowed to pass the database connection information to SQL transformation as input data during run time. This transformation process the query, return rows and database errors. Thus SQL transformation follows two types of mode, script mode and query mode.

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Presence of Informatica in different sectors

Thus informatica is useful for many sectors as well as many premises, now we will see about the presence of informatica in different perceptions to study in our informatica course in Chennai.

Informatica in business audience

Thus business and their requirements are done with the dealing of technology purchasing decisions and are responding accordingly. It will help you to build data management through data integration, data quality and data management tools. It also provides 360 degree clearance support to deliver the most prosper aspects to the business user.

Fresh executives to work out

Informatica has conformed success in more number of years in data management but with informatica process it will help you to organize your skills in a pinnacle way and thus you will get training, new sales idea and new technology inception. Thus SAS is another tool it will help to empower the tools. It is a well recognised platform than Informatica it will help you to perform in clouding, social network and big data etc.

Live data maps of Google

It is a main knowledge performance and it is also functional part of the platform. These maps not only segregate the information from Informatica but also it collects information from other tools also. It will help you to see through semantic search and exploration of data.

Privatization in product enhancement

Thus informatica will help you to organize the company to invest their capitals in research and development. Thus the objective of the research and development is to detect threats in internal environment by data analysing and movement throughout systems they can also find peculiar activities by users as well as and set up alert alarms.

Execution in success

Proper execution will be readily giving you a success in a clear cut way, thus our Informatica Training in chennai will help you to analyze your skills and it is useful to encourage your skills in a proper way.