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Informatica power center of Data integration

Informatica power center of Data integration

Informatica power center is a data integration platform for discovering , accessing and integrating data from various systems. It plays a significant role in data integration market. Informatica Training in chennai is providing a solid infrastructure to provide a best qualities in work like recover , restart and other capabilities.

Informatica is made up of power center , power exchange and cloud data integration . Thus our Informatica resources will be helpful for you to get knowledge in a easy way. Now we will see about the latest information

Informatica data integration merits

  • functionality range
  • different data integration styles support
  • new market demands following
  • wide range of uses
  • one of the leaders in large deployments
  • range of connectivity
  • transformation capabilities
  • scalability
  • vendor support
  • easy changes of DI style

Informatica training will support different platforms for easy customization of users and it also take the different sectors according to the needs. key features of Informatica Platform will be supporting for different data integration types followed with easy changes between others.


Informatica ETL – cons

  • not focus on preserved customers
  • pricing model
  • too much attention paid to the new trends
  • total cost of ownership
  • No  integration between different Informatica products
  • work environment that requires some work

Informatica’s is to focus on the new trends so that the customers could have their data integration according to the new standards. Informatica on the other hand, it is disregarding their needs from some point of view.

It is highlighted that the integration between various products. It could significantly improve the position of Informatica in customer perception.

It is generally thought that the cost of purchase and  the cost of ownership are too high when compare to others.

Informatica list of products & services

  1. Application ILM
    1. Data Archive
    2. Data Subset
    3. Data Warehouse Advisor
    4. B2B Data Exchange
    5. B2B Data Exchange
    6. B2B Data Transformation
  2. Cloud Data Integration
    1. Complex Event Processing
    2. RulePoint
  3. Data Masking
    1. Dynamic Data Masking
    2. Persistent Data Masking
  4. Data Replication
    1. Data Replication
    2. Fast Clone
  5. Data Integration
    1. PowerCenter
    2. PowerExchange
    3. Data Services
    4. Data Quality
    5. Data Explorer
    6. Data Quality
    7. AddressDoctor Software Library
    8. Identity Resolution
  6. Master Data Management

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