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Hadoop – Big Data Overview

Hadoop - Big Data Overview

Hadoop is an one of the open source Software that permits to process and store big data in the distributed Platform across clusters of Systems using simple Software models. It is framed to scale-up from a single servers to the thousands of Computers, each offering the storage and local computation.

Hadoop Training in Chennai provides a Fast introduction about Big Data, Hadoop Distributed File Systems and MapReduce algorithm.

Hadoop Training in Chennai has been designed for professionals trying to take the basics about Big Data Analytics with Hadoop Framework and to be become an Hadoop Developer. Analytics Professionals, ETL developers and Software Professionals are the key recipients of this course.

Before you begin continuing with this instructional exercise, we expect that you have earlier introduction to database ideas, Core Java, and also have any Linux working frameworks.
Due to the Coming of new technologies, communication and devices means such as social networking sites, the measure of information delivered by mankind is growing up rapidly per year. The measure of information delivered by us from the starting of time it’s to be till 2003 this was an 5 billion gigabytes. Are you pile-up the data in disks form of it may be fill the entire football fields and the same amount has been created in the every 2-days, 2011 and in every 10 minutes in 2013. A rate is it’s still growing-up enormously via all this data produced is meaningful it can be very useful when processed, and being neglected.
Note: Last few years 90% world’s data generated

What is Big Data?
Big data is called as really big data, it is contains set of large datasets and it’s can’t be processed with traditional computing methods. Big data not merely the data, other it has become an complete subjects, involves the various tools, methods and frameworks.
What Comes Under in Big Data?

  • Big data contains the data delivered by different applications and devices. Given below some of the methods that comes under Big Data umbrella.
  • Black Box Data - This is a components of jets, airplanes and helicopter, etc. and its captures the voices of recordings of microphones, flight crew, earphones, and aircraft performance information.
  • Social Media Data - This like as Twitter and Facebook hold the information and views posted by the millions of people over the globe.
  • Stock Exchange Data - It is data holds information for the sell and buy decisions create in the share of various industries made by the clients.
  • Power Grid Data - The Grid data holds the information’s that consumed by the particular node using respect base station.
  • Transport Data - Its Contains model, availability distance and capacity of a vehicle.

    Search Engine Data – It’s retrieves the lots of information such as data from many databases.

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