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Do You Need A Atscale Simplifies Connecting Bi Tools To Hadoop?

Do You Need A Atscale Simplifies Connecting Bi Tools To Hadoop

Virtual Business based on Hadoop which uses OLAP(Online Analytical Processing) is one of powerful technology for data discovery and including Capabilities of Complex Analytical Calculations.

OLAP is Multidimensional Analysis which is used for your Hybrid Query processing and sophisticated data modelling.

Hadoop has gained traction of enterprise not only for capability aso for massive amount of data which is power of business intelligence.

BI (Business Intelligence) this tools are used to implement enterprise massive data at relied in data indexing, transformation of data.

This Superb BI tools are used to drive custom requirements.


Atscale process in hadoop is scale-out online Analytical Processing Server.

Hadoop Institute in Chennai has to involve to describe this kind of explanation. This BI tool is used to Microstrategy to Microsoft Excel for connection of hadoop with no layer in between process.

  • This is Dynamic and present the virtual complex data into to simple measure.
  • Analyse billions for rows of data in hadoop cluster
  • Consistent Metric definitions across all users.

The new hybrid Query Service adds capability to support SQL, MDX.

This connectionless Support is used to download new clients or customers drives data into end-user machines.

Cloudera functionality

One of New Open Source Strata+hadoop world which is bring company Power to give big data applications. Idea is behind in HDFS and Hbase to stop forcing in fast analytics.

Cloudera saya column of Hadoop is eliminates complex structures and use cases in time series analysis for data analytics and report via online.

How should give the  best kind of knowledge by hadoop Institute Chennai?

  • They are working behind of hadoop development for how to gives best example in your practical session.
  • Trainers are involved to gives knowledge about Business intelligence format.
  • Atscale 4.0 features and application level and role-based access control that can be automatically synchronized.
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