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7 Latest Big Data Trends of the Year

People normally doing more with the data spread to continue the best practices to become clear. Self-service data analytics along the widespread adoption of Hadoop with leading changes which can create the change the excitement. Following is some of seven prediction of data

NoSQL Takeover

NoSQL technology will commonly associate the unstructured data which has the significant adoption. in last year. Shifting to NoSQL database will make the leading piece of IT enterprise. Quadrant for Operational Database Management System which in past can dominate by IBM. The recent magic Quadrant, the NoSQL companies include DataStax are set to outnumber the traditional database.

Hadoop Project Mature

All enterprise will continue their move from Hadoop proof of concepts for production. Only 3% of respondents can anticipate by doing less with hadoop in upcoming years. More than 76% people are already planned to use hadoop.

Apache Spark lights up Big Data

Apache Spark has been moved from the component of Hadoop ecosystem to the big data platform with number of enterprises. Spark make dramatic increase of data processing speed which can compared to hadoop with largest data of open-source project. This enterprise use case around the Apache Spark like golden Sachs to become the big data analytics.

Big Data Grows Up

Hadoop adds all the enterprise standard. With the further evidence to growing trends of hadoop which can become the core part of enterprise IT landscape with some security. This Apache project provides the system to enforce fine gain, which is based upon data and metadata store with hadoop cluster. All types of capabilities can expect the enterprise RDBMS platform with emerging technologies.

Big Data Gets Fast

This is the better options in expanding the adding speed of Hadoop. There attaining huge demand from end users which can attain the fast data exploration capabilities which is used in expecting the traditional data warehouse. This is to meet end-user demand with adoption of technologies like Cloudera which can enable the business user with further blurring of Traditional BI concept of Big Data.

Buzzword Converge

This covers cloud and Internet of Things along with big data. This technology is updating from earlier years. But the data from Internet of Things will become one of the popular killer application for the cloud with the driver of data explosion. With this leading cloud technology of data companies like Google & Microsoft will bring the IT service with the life of data to their cloud analysis.

MPP data warehousing growth

The death of data warehouse has been overhyped for sometime to maintain the growth of market. This is the major shifting application for this technology with cloud in the way of on-demand cloud. Web service is the fast growing service with more competition from Google from enlarged data warehouse power like Microsoft. AWS was the fastest growing service with heavy competition from Google. This can offer long data warehouse with more Teradata. These analytics which has been adopted with hadoop, can manage new cloud offers. Each customers can can dynamically scale the amount of storage with computing resource which can relative amount of stored information

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