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3 reason Why hadoop is perfect fit for Big Data environment

3 reason Why hadoop is perfect fit for Big Data environment

 Nowadays we are living in data driven world with full of information. These is literally data is  flowing into many organization today. It is know as Hadoop Big data. Usual database software is no longer is not having the capacity to manage the volume of data. Now database software don’t have value to store the data. Trends has been changed a lot in data. Thankfully more innovation has been come in the data, new database technology can store all the data and manage the database. The software has made a necessary in database administration(DBA) and more application to learn more skills.

New database s/w Technology – Hadoop Training

                         Traditionally, we all are using more related database to manage and store the data. The database systems is based on related SQL (Structured Query Language) framework. Some software database are Oracle RAC, Microsoft Access and MySQL. There are only small and medium organization into structural format. Traditional database is not stable for handling big data.

What is NoSQL ?

                      NoSQL abbreviation is Not Only SQL. It is the best database framework and it will build high speed data access and high speed data storage. It is also called as high speed database technology. It’s a primary objective.

What is hadoop?

          Hadoop is java- based programming language framework which support the large data sets.It’s a part of Apache project founded by apache foundation.Apache makes it possible to run the application on system with thousand of nodes. Database is growing and no slowing down.

Hadoop has three outstanding characteristics:

  1. Scalability
  2. Flexibility
  3. Cost effectiveness

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