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2 different predictable methods to manage data over Informatica in 2016

2 different predictable methods to manage data over informatica in 2016 copy


  • Metadata – Ubiquitous
  • Data Security centric – mainstream

1.Metadata – Ubiquitous:

The Metadata describes the following attributes of the underlying data such as,

  • Attributes,
  • Physical location,
  • Logical,
  • Structure,
  • Relationships,
  • Lineage,
  • Quality and profile

The Underlying data can be anyone of the following platform such as, Big data or cloud computing platform or data repositories and will be stored as a knowledge graph. Learn about the live data map to get more knowledge with underlying data.

Nowadays the datas will be integrated with the enterprise applications, which allow only limited access and usability of the data. Now coming into the prediction of recent trends the above said situation can be changed with “democratization of data” which is the leading architecture for the enterprises to reinforce and develop the data based on the “METADATA” approach which will be flexible and easily accessible no matter whether it is connected with cloud or not.

This METADATA will guide you with wide range of data-fueled projects and Data intelligent platform. The usage of Intelligent data platform in 2016 will provide the productivity ingest, prepare, secure, provision and govern the transactional and interactive data manageable in Hadoop data. The METADATA approach will extend to other applications like SaaS and PaaS as well enable enterprise to treat cloud as an extending environment without new silos creation. Get the best knowledge with informatica training in chennai.

2.Data Security centric – mainstream:

Data Security, the major difference with the democratization and proliferation massive of datas which results in the tremendous shift with the data security world. The best way to provide the secured data is done with the support of metadata. nowadays without having clear perimeter the recently used network and applications for security will be no longer enough to offer a secured data as the data is spread widely the challenges to protect the data also at risk. Professional security requires a solution that resides visibility, sensitivity and confidential data. This can be achieved only with the METADATA (Outbound link) technology.

It is very important that each and every organization should know about the risk in their datas (highly sensitive data). They should know each process like how the data has been used, where the datas are moving, their value and the important thing is to know about the different ways where the datas are being protected. moreover the protection of data will starts from the data itself and the security details are need to be mapped to particular resources that create sensitive datas. The METADATA will allow the enterprises to use a new technology named “Data Centric Security” to improve the overall security towards the data. In some industries like finance, healthcare and other service oriented industries, this METADATA approach to get DATA SECURITY CENTRIC will be an added advantage for their companies.

These are the two different methods – METADATA and DATA SECURITY CENTRIC in INFORMATICA to manage the datas in most secured way that will be implemented in 2016. Get knowledge with the recent trends with good Informatica Training in Chennai.

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